This selection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) provides answers to many of your questions. If we haven't answered one of yours please get in touch

What is Bodyshop management system?

A good BMS manages the entire claim process from the initial notification through to final invoice. AutoFlow 4G creates a seamless link between production and administration helping to minimise on site Cycle Time, identify bottlenecks and review staff performance throughout the process.

How can you install AutoFlow 4G on our IT infrastructure?

There are a few options when it comes to installing 4G and we will work with you to find out the most suitable option for you and your business.

We have the ability to install in a variety of onsite (on premise) scenarios such as client server, or using terminal servers but to answer that question we would first work with you to identify the options that are available to you.

Recently we have had a lot of customers move to our hosted version of the software, this is when we host the system for you in our data centre and your users connect to the system via a secure browser. This allows AutoFlow to look after updates, security and the back up the system for you.

For a more detailed answer please contact us to go through the installation options that are available.

I currently run a dealership Bodyshop and we have a DMS in place, can 4G connect to a DMS?

There are various DMS out there from Kerridge (CDK) to Kalamazoo and at present we have an export function that allows parts and job data to be transferred to 4G from the Kerridge system. We don't at present have any links with DMS that allow data to flow from 4G into their system.

As we are a software house we are always open to look at integrations with other systems is they are of benefit to our customers. If you have a specific system that you believe needs to be integrated to your process with a BMS please contact our sales team and we can look at the options with you.

How long does it take to install and train on the system?

Training lengths vary depending on the number of users and size of business but our standard install and training process take around 5 days. Before install you will be given access to your system to allow data entry to take place which is done before onsite training commences.

Actual training takes place onsite so our training consultants get to know your business and how best to implement the system. If you have a current system in place our engineer will help you plan the switch over to ensure the minimum downtime possible.

If you would like to discuss specific training / installation requirements with us please contact us and we will go through the options with you.

We currently have over 700 installations of the 4G system in multiple countries. This has give us a wealth of experience both in the install and the support of bodyshops from 2 user systems to systems containing over 18 sites so you are in good hands.

Changing or installing a Bodyshop management system is a big decision so don't take our word for it, we recommend you contact customers using our system to get feedback on how AutoFlow can help your business grow and thrive.

Can we buy extra training or do you have any courses I can take?

Our onsite training is priced at £500 per day but we also offer free remote training and can also host training sessions at our offices based in Chelford South Manchester.

If you want extra sessions we offer bespoke training to your requirements as we have found this gives our customers the best value.

How do you support the system?

We have a dedicated support team on hand between 8-5 Monday to Friday and 8-12 on Saturdays to take your calls and handle any issues you have with the system.

Our support team are an integral part of our business as we realise the pressure bodyshops are under to get things done so we ensure that where possible issues are dealt with there and then. The team can connect to your system via team viewer with your permission and go through issues with you on screen.

If the issue is more complex than support can handle then we have an internal ticketing system which ensures the issue is seen by the technical department and resolved as soon as possible.

Our support team get rave reviews and are used to dealing with issues from printing to complex management report queries so support issues are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Can we have a demo version of the system?

We don't currently offer demo versions of the software. The software is proven and being market leader that is backed up by our success. The software is also very comprehensive and trying to use it from scratch with no training would not be the best way forward in our opinion.

We offer onsite and remote presentations and consider the sales process not only to be an opportunity for you to gain knowledge about the suitability of our software but also for AutoFlow to understand the wants and needs of your business. We find this a better way to move forward so if you have any questions or would like an onsite or remote demo of the system please contact the sales team.

Our accountant has to reproduce invoices on our accounts system, we would like to export both sales and purchase invoices from 4:G , is this possible?

4:G exports to Sage line 50, Sage line 100, Pegasus Opera I, Pegasus Opera II, All in One, Platinum and Xero. If you have a different accounts system please contact the office to find out if an export link is possible.

How does 4:G compare with other systems on the market?

4:G is the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use system on the market in our opinion, but don't ask us, ask our customers. 4:G is a customer-focused product, and we have regular user group meetings and a user group forum where our customers review best practices and decide what will go into future developments. This unique and customer-driven process ensures that we keep our customers happy, and involved with the development of 4:G whilst ensuring the system is designed to cope with the ever-changing demands of the auto repair industry.

Will it be possible to see the system in action at another site?

We can try and arrange a site visit for you if you require this. As you are no doubt aware bodyshops are very busy places so arranging this may take some time but we have done in this in the past for potential customers.

How much is the WORKmate app?

WORKmate is a free app that only works with the AutoFlow 4G system. At present the app allows you to add images, clock on and off tasks and review methods on a mobile device.

The app is available on both Android and IOS platforms but please contact us to receive a list of recommended devices.

How much are system updates?

The AutoFlow 4G system is updated throughout the year as the development team integrate development request to ensure our system meets the very latest requirements of the auto repair industry and our customers.

Updates to the system are free.

Parts control has been a major problem for me, how will 4:G help this?

There is an extensive suite of reports that allows you to view the current status of your parts and the performance of your suppliers. The parts status of each job is viewable from anywhere in the system via the Job Viewer program. The status is also highlighted on the workshop control module to help make important decisions on when a job should be started, and forecasting when it can be completed by.

There are many ways the system helps in what is an important profit centre for any Bodyshop, through onscreen warnings, returns not credited work queues and recent developments have added a feature which allows you to return parts to stock and alerts you when this part is needed again so reducing wastage on parts you cannot return.

How do the workshop times get recorded?

The workshop times are captured via PCs running the 4:G workshop loading program or the WORKmate app on mobile tablets. This allows your workshop staff to clock on and off tasks on jobs, and also allows you to send messages to them via the workshop loading program.

For example, if you wished to instruct a technician to check for extra damage on a particular job, they would see this message when they clocked onto the specified job and task on the loading screen.

Using the WORKmate app they can then add additional images to the job for review. Accurate time capture from your workshop staff will allow you to monitor how they are performing through reports on efficiency, productivity, and utilisation (capacity planning).

Communication with customers is key for my Bodyshop and our business partners, how will 4G help me with this?

4G has a dedicated communications module which both facilitates sending communications to all parties via email, SMS and also records all communications on a job, ensuring your customers and work providers stay informed throughout the repair process.

Alongside the communications module there is also an external communication admin module which allows you to automate SMS and Branded emails to be sent to customers as their vehicle progresses through the system saving you time and also keeping customers informed.

Does 4G have a capacity planning function?

4G has a comprehensive capacity planning module which sets the system to plan your workload to individual productives based on their skills sets and efficiency. This feature is not turned on during the initial period after install as you get used to the system but dedicated online training sessions are available on request. There is no cost for this as long as the training is done remotely or at our office.

We have more than Bodyshop in our group can we report on all the sites in one report?

AutoFlow provides a group enabled version of AutoFlow 4G which allows you manage your group of bodyshops on one system. This gives groups the ability to centralise operations and report across the group. To find out more about how our group system can bring unrivalled benefits to your group operations please contact the sales team.

I run a defleet centre can your BMS be used in there?

4G is a very configurable system and is designed to fit to different types of repair processes. Our system is in place in Defleet centres, independent bodyshops, dealership bodyshops and even in a prestige manufacturers production line.

If you are in need of a system to help you gain control, improve efficiencies and give you a wealth of business MI please contact our sales team as we have successfully implemented our system into many Bodyshop related businesses.

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