The group system brings the power of 4:G to groups of bodyshops who require a system that not only runs their bodyshop, but also allows them to run the group with optimal efficiency.

With all sites resident on the same eco system, this brings bodyshop group operational advantages not available when sites within a group operate on separate systems.

Group operations include
  • Group reporting
  • Group dashboard and work queues
  • Centralisation of major operations, customer service, accounts, parts
  • Transfer of jobs between sites
  • Deployment options when accepting jobs digitally from work providers
  • Group KPI screen aiding job deployment decisions

The group features bring both cost and efficiency benefits across a group and is in use today on bodyshop groups ranging from two sites to our largest group which has 17 sites.

To understand more about the benefits the group system can bring to your operations, please contact the sales team who will be able to give you a demo and an insight into how the system has been implemented to our customers.

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